• Receives communications from the SAI organization and disperses to the region.
  • Maintains internal communication channels among the region, chapters and individual members
  • Develops and maintains the regional leadership database
  • Is responsible for regional website and database design, implementation, and maintenance, with input from the Marketing Coordinator
  • Maintains a complete record of regional meetings and activities
  • Is responsible for recording and preparing minutes of all meetings of the Regional Management Team
  • Distributes copies to members of the team, regional chapters and the Corporate Secretary at SAI headquarters
  • In consultation with the RMT, prepares and submits year-end State of the Region Report to the Corporate Secretary at SAI headquarters by establish deadline
  • Maintains contact with appropriate staff members at SAI headquarters
  • Maintains comprehensive records and forward materials to successor
  • Appoints staff to assist in the implementation of responsibilities
  • Trains her successor

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