September 6-7, 2019

Holiday Inn Sarnia

1498 Venetian Blvd, Point Edward, ON Canada N7T 7W6



...introducing 2 NEW Regional Songs! 


Arranger Certification Program*

PJ Party:

Education Class with Mo Field

DCP Testing with Peggi Starkey*

Quartet Parade*

Friday and Saturday

PVIs with Region 2 Directors*

Mini Quartet Harmony Brigade Challenge

*sign-up required


Saturday Morning/Afternoon

More Education Classes with Mo Field

Saturday Evening

Show of Champions/Love Gifts 

After-Glow Party

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Late registrations (after August 15th) are still being accepted--see contact email for Keane Michelin below!

There will be a $5 fee per member attending for the purchase of 2 new songs and tracks.  Each chorus will assign a registration contact who will email Jamie Howe at jangela528@gmail.com to obtain access to the registration forms via Google.  The chorus registration contact will then fill out the form with the names of all members attending the weekend.  If the chorus director and/or music staff would like to partake in "Lunch with Mo", the registration contact will also complete that section of the form.  CAL members and late registrations need to email Keane Michelin at keanesingstoo@comcast.net.  Payment for the music and lunch can be made via the PayPal buttons below.  Email the PayPal confirmation number(s) to Keane.


Non-Region 2 members are also welcome - registration is $20 per person which includes the fee for music~~email Keane Michelin at keanesingstoo@comcast.net.  Use this buy now button to pay; save your confirmation number to include in your registration email.



Directors/Music Staff Lunch with Mo:

Reserve a spot for a special "lunch with Mo" for chorus directors and music staff. The food will consist of "build your own sandwich", garden salad, soup, dessert (choice of cookies, macaroons and/or mini-tarts) and a can of pop (water will also be available in pitchers on the table).  To pay, click the "add to cart" button below and enter the number of people attending.  Save your PayPal confirmation number.





Updated instructions for making reservations and room rates are listed here in pdf format.  Note that the higher priced rooms of the same description have recently been renovated.  


New  Calling the Front Desk Agent directly at the hotel at 519-336-4130 (you may need to dial "0") has worked best for making reservations.  Please be patient as you may experience some hold time.  If you experience difficulties, contact Nan Wardin at events@saireg2.org.


Music Fee:

Each member attending the weekend will need to pay a $5 US music fee.  The music and tracks will be emailed to the registration contact.  The 2 new songs will be used throughout the weekend for education purposes, be used for the mini harmony brigade and then become part of our regional repertoire (SASSIE songs).  Choruses should make one payment via paypal.  Just click on the "buy now" button below and enter the number of members attending.  Save your PayPal confirmation number.



Pajama Party:

We're having a pajama party for Friday night's class!  Wear your favourite jammies and slippers and bring your own snacks!


Quartet Parade:

There will be a quartet parade during the Friday evening class~~does this mean we'll see some interesting matching pajamas from our participating quartets?? Smiley E-mail Jaime Howe at jangela528@gmail.com by September 1, 2019 to sign up your quartet!


DCP (Director Certification Program) Testing:

Peggi Starkey will be offering DCP Testing on Friday evening.  Contact her at apstar@comcast.net to set it up!


Arranger Certification Program (ACP):

This new and improved plan for arranger training is modeled after the successful Director Certification Program.  If you are interested, please contact our ACP Coordinator, Dr. Diane Clark, at granddiva@charter.net to register for the inaugural class held Friday.  Click here for a tentative schedule.


PVI (Personal Vocal Instruction):

We have 5 of our Region 2 Directors offering instruction throughout the weekend.  Private lessons will be 20 minutes each and groups of up to 3 people will be 30 minute per group.  E-mail Jaime Howe at jangela528@gmail.com to reserve your time slot!  Sessions will be assigned on a "first come, first served" basis...so act now!  As of August 5th, there are 11 spots total remaining with either LeAnn Hazlett, Diane Catellane, Chris Arnold or Jill Watson.  Sylvia Karpinsky's sessions are fully booked.


Mini Quartet Brigade:

By committing to learn your part for the 2 new regional songs, you can participate in Region 2's first Mini Quartet Brigade!  Spend your spare time throughout the weekend singing with different quartet combinations to create a ton of barbershop harmony!  Once you have sung your song, exchange brigade name stickers with the other 3 ladies~~get as many different name stickers as you can!

Saturday Night Afterglow:

After our show of Champions Saturday night, hang around and party with your Region 2 friends!  Snacks, music and a cash bar will be part of the fun and a great way to wrap up our amazing weekend together!


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